Digital Security
starts with password security

Password Wallets provide easiest way to save unlimited password, login from multiple device, generate strong password, save personal notes , fingerprint lock within app.

Why we are best!

We use two way encryption to keep your data guarded. Data can only be encrypted and decrypted on customers device with your master password.

We are always aspiring to keep app as simple as possible to make it easy to use for people of every age group, every profession.

We provide a way to access your secret details anywhere on your device.

We help you save your passwords securely with us. You can save passwords,pins of your bank account, E-commerce websites and many more instead of writing them on a piece of paper.

We provide unlimited password storage.

We allow you to enable fingerprint lock within app for a very secure experience.

We provide unlimited notes storage to help you keep track of your important work.

Only you have to remember your Master password i.e. the password you used at the time of login, all your data is encrypted using that master password. we won’t be able to help you reset your master password.

We help you generate strong passwords to prevent any security breach in order to keep you protected from any kind of hacking.